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   Lotus In The Movies   

Why James Bond is driving Lotus...

Read the Story how Her Majesty's famous Secret Agent was assigned his company car

Compilation of Lotus appearances on the big and small screen:

TV Screen (regular)

The Avengers Diana Rigg as Emma Peel Elan Drophead Coupé
Linda Thorson as Europa S2

The Prisoner Patrick McGoohan as No. 7 Super Seven

Cameos in other TV Shows

Remington Steele
"Steele At It" 1983 Remington and Laura are being attacked by a red TurboEsprit in the streets of Nice/France

Knight Rider
A TurboEsprit is street racing against K.I.T.T. - ...and wins!
A dubious music producer is driving a copper TurboEsprit

Miami Vice
"Theresa" a G-Esprit doing a 180° turn

On the Big Screen

James Bond 007 Roger Moore as James Bond
The Spy Who Loved Me 1977 - Esprit S1 with Submarine option
For Your Eyes Only 1981 - a white and a burgundy red TurboEsprit

If looks could Kill Richard Grieco as the accidental Teen Agent driving a red Esprit SE

Basic Instinct Sharon Stone driving a white and a black Esprit Turbo SE

Filofax James Belushi in a red SE