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1999 Lotus Elise

About the car

My second Lotus.
Actually, my Girlfriend always wanted a convertible and I was looking for another Lotus.
So we shopped around and have found a nice dark blue Lotus Elan SE at our local Lotus dealer.
We enquired about this car, but the actual owner of the car, the chief-mechanic was not willing to sell.

He urged us to test drive the new Elise, though.
The sales guy was happy to prepare a test car for us and asked that we should return the car in one to two hours -
We returned to the dealer shop in 35 minutes with a grin on both faces. . .


Technical Specifications

Parts Cross Reference

Instructions how to get rid of the nasty Peugeot switches

Picture Gallery

Video of a trackday at the Zolder circuit (former grandprix) in Belgium

Video of a trackday at the famous SPA circuit in Belgium

Me in my Elise doing stupid things on a skidpad