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   Why would someone buy a LOTUS, if the name is commonly linked with "Lots Of Trouble, Usually Serious"...   


James Bond - 007

started it all!

When I first saw the gleaming white
Lotus Esprit S1 coming out of the Sardinian Sea in the early eighties, I immediately fell in love with this highly fascinating vehicle.
Being a teenage kid I have never seen such an amazing car before, nor did I ever have heard the name
L O T U S ...
A sleek, elegant and futuristic wedge-shaped sports car with cement & oil sprayers hidden behind the rear number plate, a car that could fire missles from the rear hatch to destroy a nasty Helicopter . . .
that could easily transform into a full-functioning

I believe this movie picture which introduced the iconic Lotus Esprit to the broad public has brought more fans to the marque
L O T U S than any PR-campaign or GrandPrix success before!

Anyway, since that very moment I started to learn more and more about the white Lotus Esprit S1 and the burgundy red TurboEsprit (For Your Eyes Only; 1981) which have appeared on the silver screen driven by
007, their heritage, the road cars manufactured by LOTUS and about their founder Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman.

Nobody Does It Better. . .