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   The Beginning...   


Since my early teenage years I have always dreamed, but never have believed that once I could ever own one of these precious
sports-car gems manufactured by
So I started with some other, more "ordinary" cars e.g. the
legendary BMW 6 Series csi

But now, some years later, I am the proud owner of 3 Lotus roadcars:

'88 Excel SE in monaco white
- which I purchased in 1997

'99 Elise 111 in azure blue
- bought together with my girlfriend in 1999

'87 TurboEsprit in calypso red
- finally, my supercar dream came true in the year 2003

This site will mainly focus on the Excel SE and the TurboEsprit styled by the famous Italian designer Giorgetto Giugiaro, as there are numerous sites around covering the Elise and the new Stevens' shaped Esprit.
As the Excel was my first Lotus car, I bought the domain . . .

About the author:

nickname: jimmybondi (try to google for "jimmy +bondi +dudu")

model year: 1969
Interests: Cars (obviously), all things related to James Bond (obviously), computing, the opposite sex, a good cigar to be
accompagnied by a glass of TALISKER or OTARD X.O. ...

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