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Sent: Sunday, January 14, 2001 3:11 PM
Subject: Re: Lotus Excel Register

Well the Lotus is on hold at the moment. the chassis arrived and I started work to remove the old one from the body, to cut a long story short my steering column looks like it has been stretched while the body was being removed. with the body completely removed it turned out that the new chassis was the wrong one!!
Everything than had to be put back together because my boss needed to use the garage. A few days later the car had to be towed to my house, but forgetting about the steering column being tightened on the rack, the wheel just span and the car was towed into a brick wall. With the bumper removed. Then as the car was being pushed back into my driveway, with the windows closed as there was no battery connected, a final shove from my friend whilst I was closing the door, ensured that my hand was pinned to the wall, with ligament damage to my finger as well. Now my door needs to be repaired!!
My other car, a Daihatsu GTI Turbo decided to give up on me as well, requiring a new rear caliper and re-built engine. For some reason I decide to buy cars where you can't get parts for. there are only 722 of these cars left!! With all of these problems aside I decided to get another replacement car that would be easy for parts etc. a left hand '89 Golf 16v GTI. unfortunately it is race tuned and does 14l/100km at best. For it to pass the mot it had to have a new part for the dash. more problems, it was a special edition with fully digital dash and a new circuit board for this was £700. But, however a friend managed to pick a second hand complete dash up for £80. I just need to buy the fuel now!! The reason why I asked about where you lived in Germany was because I will be living there in about 1
1/2 years time. Probably in Munich or Cologne. I am an automotive engineering student in Coventry.

Will sort out a photo for you. Damaged or repaired?

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